How to smoke Bud inside with No Weed odor

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We all know the smell of good fresh weed can be a dead give away that you have been partaking in some dank bud. The smell can linger like a bad perfume and what you wish could be a private medical session ends up being smelt by near by neighbors due to the buds terpenes. often have a strong odor and are primary part of the essentials oils from several plants and flowers, and we are very aware that cannabis is a flower.

So how do we remove the odor of weed? Well, I went and asked the expert at and she referred me to a personal air filter known as the Smokebuddy.  No its not the person next to you that you’re passing your joint too. A smokebuddy is your very own air purification filter.You inhale then your personal smokebuddy is there for you to exhale into.

Exhale your smoke in and out comes odorless air. Air purifiers are a simple way to eliminate smoke as soon as it is made. This is especially critical for those who smoke indoors as the smell of stagnant smoke can increase quickly on walls, furniture, and carpet. You can smoke anywhere you want if you have your smokebuddy with you. It fits in your pocket and comes with a keychain.

Yes I know you can use a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets stuffed into it, however bringing out toilet paper roll in public is rather obvious and just going to draw more attention to you.

Just think if you are at your soon to be in-laws and you’re trying to conceal the odor of your cannabis cloud and the traditional candle and air fresheners are not available or are not working because your bud is just sticky icky a personal air purifier is something that could turn an uncomfortable visit, into something glorious, with no one knowing you just waked and baked. So if you are trying to hide the smell of your cannabis rituals what ever the reason maybe consider a smokebuddy that is discrete, convenient, and easy to use.


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