Autoflowering cannabis seeds are fast becoming a favourite amongst cannabis growers. There
are many reasons auto seeds have been in high demand in the last few years on the
commercial market.

Autoflowering cannabis strains automatically switch to flowering after usually 2 – 3 weeks
vegetative growth. This is a fairly new concept in commercially available cannabis seeds.

Traditionally cannabis breeders only produced seeds from regular, or short day flowering cannabis
strains. Regular cannabis seeds flower naturally when the daylight photoperiod changes to 12 hours.
To produce auto flowering marijuana seeds, breeders use a type of variety of cannabis called
ruderalis. Unlike Indica or Sativa cannabis, ruderalis contains low amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC) and is the auto-flowering component for auto cannabis seeds. Ruderalis crossed auto’s
therefore also contain sometimes higher amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD). However, the most
popular reason ruderalis is used in breeding is that of the automatic flowering period. Ruderialis is a
type of cannabis found in Eastern Europe or Eurasia and Russia. Some people do claim ruderalis is
found in Africa, but this still needs to be proved.

Lowryder by the Joint Doctor is what most commercially available auto seeds are based on and has
been bred for decades. This breeder perfected the yield, growth cycle and potency ratio and won
support and the gardens of growers around the world. Previous to the firmly held belief of low THC
and yields, breeders like the Joint Doctor since the 1990’s improved many cannabis strains by cross
breeding them with high THC cannabis strains.

Autos to come in different varieties, namely Dwarf, Super Auto’s and XXL, Big Auto Flowers.
Usually, less than one foot in height newer strains of auto’s can reach higher than 6 foot.

There are many advantages growers have found using auto flowering strains of cannabis:
– You can produce a crop regardless of outdoor light cycles
-can produce multiple harvests and crops outdoors per year.
– most are stealthy to grow as they are short plants,e.g Lowryder 1 foot plant.
– flowering times from seed can be 8-14 weeks.
– Growers can turn more crops with shorter flowering times.
– Autoflowering seeds are usually feminized so don’t require removing males.
– produces easy to manage low canopies with a uniform height, easy to SCROG.
– relatively high THC levels, measured at 20% plus.
– Lowyder can yield 20 – 50 grams per plant.
– Less medium to make or purchase as roots are not as big.

Just as any thing in the world there is a camp of firm-believers that autoflowering cannabis is a
Dutch marketing seed scam. I would sum them up as purists of cannabis. They claim autos are a
genetically modified seed infecting the industry with lower THC flowers. There is truth behind this,
but with the overwhelming popularity and development of autoflowering marijuana seeds.
With the many varieties of commercially available autoflowering marijuana seeds from trusted and
professional cannabis breeders, it’s a must have in any cannabis enthusiasts seedbank. Easy for firsttime
growers, and commercially viable for medically and recreational legal pot. You are sure to see
or smoke an Automatic strain soon.

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